2018-19 ALL-WNY Scholar Athlete Results

Jun 27, 2022

Introduction: Celebrating Excellence in Academics and Athletics

Explore the remarkable accomplishments of the brightest student-athletes in the 2018-19 ALL-WNY Scholar Athlete program. This prestigious initiative recognizes young individuals who have excelled not only on the field but also in the classroom.

The Importance of Scholar Athletes

In an increasingly competitive world, being a scholar athlete goes beyond simply participating in sports and maintaining good grades. It involves discipline, time management, and a strong work ethic. Scholar athletes exemplify the perfect balance between academic success and athletic prowess, showcasing their dedication and passion in both domains.

Browsing the 2018-19 ALL-WNY Results

Within this page, you'll find an extensive list of scholar athletes who achieved remarkable success during the 2018-19 season. The list is organized by sport and highlights their respective academic achievements alongside their athletic accomplishments.


Witness the excellence of swimmers and divers who dominated in the pool while maintaining outstanding grades. The ALL-WNY program recognizes their commitment to their sport and academic pursuits.


Discover the future stars of America's favorite pastime who demonstrated their skill on the diamond while excelling in their studies. The ALL-WNY Scholar Athlete program honors their dedication to both aspects of their lives.


Experience the incredible talent displayed by basketball players who not only shone on the court but also in their academic performance. Learn more about these exceptional student-athletes who are reshaping the game.

Cross Country

Follow the footsteps of cross country runners who conquered long distances and overcame challenges in their pursuit of victory. These scholar athletes prove that resilience and determination can lead to both athletic achievements and academic excellence.


Step into the world of gridiron excellence, where talented football players combine their physical prowess with intellectual brilliance. The ALL-WNY program commends these athletes for their remarkable performance on the field while maintaining exceptional grades.


Explore the tranquility of golf courses as you discover the achievements of skilled golfers who showcased their talent alongside their commitment to academics. The ALL-WNY Scholar Athlete program celebrates their achievements on and off the fairways.


Ice hockey enthusiasts will be in awe of the exceptional talent displayed by scholar athletes who have mastered the art of skating, puck control, and goal-scoring, all while excelling academically. Dive into their inspiring stories of dedication and success.


Uncover the remarkable achievements of lacrosse players who possess both the finesse on the field and the intellectual capacity to achieve academic excellence. The ALL-WNY program recognizes these individuals for their unwavering commitment to their sport and studies.


Immerse yourself in the world of soccer as you discover the exceptional talent and intelligence of scholar athletes who have left an indelible mark on the field. Their dedication to both their sport and their academics is truly commendable.


Witness the power and determination of softball players who have honed their skills while maintaining exceptional academic achievements. The ALL-WNY Scholar Athlete program recognizes their commitment to excellence both on the field and in the classroom.


Unravel the stories of tennis players who have mastered the art of swift movements and accurate shots while achieving outstanding academic results. Dive into their inspiring journeys of balancing both their passion for tennis and their dedication to learning.

Track and Field

Experience the adrenaline of track and field events as you explore the achievements of scholar athletes who have displayed their speed, strength, and endurance while achieving academic greatness. The ALL-WNY program honors their remarkable accomplishments.


Discover the impressive skills of volleyball players who have showcased their talent on the court along with their academic prowess. These scholar athletes have truly made a mark in their sport and in their studies.


Enter the intense world of wrestling and witness the determination and discipline of these outstanding scholar athletes. Discover their achievements on the mat and in the classroom as they epitomize the true spirit of the ALL-WNY program.

Conclusion: Celebrating Excellence

The 2018-19 ALL-WNY Scholar Athlete Results represent the epitome of success in both academics and athletics. These exceptional individuals inspire future generations to strive for greatness, demonstrating that passion, dedication, and a commitment to learning can truly lead to extraordinary achievements.

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Impressive athletes balancing academics. 💪📚
Oct 4, 2023