2019-2020 Outside Agency Contests

May 6, 2018

Create Personalized Greeting Cards Online for All Occasions

Welcome to Name Greeting Card’s 2019-2020 Outside Agency Contests! We bring you an exciting opportunity to showcase your creativity and win amazing prizes. As your go-to platform for personalized wishes cards, we offer a wide range of options to express your heartfelt emotions with a personal touch.

Diwali Greeting Card Making Online

Celebrate the festival of lights with our Diwali Greeting Card Making Contest. Show off your artistic skills and create mesmerizing cards that embody the essence of this vibrant festival. Whether you seek traditional designs or modern aesthetics, our online card maker has got you covered. Personalize your cards with names, photos, and custom messages to make them truly one-of-a-kind.

New Year Wishes Online Editing

Ring in the New Year with our Online Wishing Card Contest. Craft beautiful and inspiring cards to share your hopes, dreams, and good wishes for the year ahead. Customize your cards with our easy-to-use editing tool, allowing you to add names, photos, and personalized messages. Make a lasting impression as you bid farewell to the old and welcome the new.

Birthday Card Maker with Name and Photo

Make birthdays extra special with our Birthday Card Maker Contest. Design eye-catching cards that capture the joy and uniqueness of the person you’re celebrating. Add their name and photo to create a personalized masterpiece that will bring a smile to their face. With our intuitive interface, creating memorable birthday greetings has never been easier.

Best Wishes Greeting Card Online

Express your best wishes with our online greeting card contest. Whether it's for a wedding, anniversary, graduation, or any other special occasion, our platform makes it simple to design stunning cards. Choose from a wide selection of templates and embellish them with your own personal touch. Share your wishes with the world and spread joy through thoughtful messages.

How to Make Online Wishing Card with Name and Photo

Creating a personalized wishing card is effortless with Name Greeting Card. Follow these simple steps to design your unique masterpiece:

  1. Visit our website and navigate to the contest page.
  2. Select the contest category you wish to participate in, such as Diwali, New Year, Birthdays, or Weddings.
  3. Choose the desired template that resonates with your creative vision.
  4. Upload a photo that you want to feature on the card.
  5. Add the recipient's name and a heartwarming message.
  6. Preview the card to ensure it meets your expectations.
  7. Once satisfied, proceed to submit your entry and stand a chance to win fantastic prizes.
Let your imagination run wild and create exceptional greeting cards that will leave a lasting impression on your loved ones.

Create Memorable Cards Online and Spread the Joy

At Name Greeting Card, we believe that every occasion deserves a personalized touch. With our user-friendly interface and extensive range of features, you can design cards that reflect your unique style. Whether you're celebrating a special event or expressing gratitude, our platform offers endless possibilities for creating memorable keepsakes.

The Power of Personalized Greeting Cards

Personalized greeting cards have a magical charm that generic store-bought cards simply can't match. When you tailor a card to suit the recipient's personality, interests, and milestones, you demonstrate the thought and effort put into creating something truly memorable. The joy that personalized greetings bring is immeasurable, making them cherished mementos.

Express Yourself with Custom Messages and Photos

Our online greeting card maker allows you to add custom messages and photos, enabling you to express yourself in a deeply personal way. Write heartfelt messages, share cherished memories, and showcase your creativity with personalized designs. Each card becomes a canvas for your emotions, allowing you to truly connect with your loved ones.

Easy-to-Use and Intuitive Design Tools

Achieving professional-quality greeting cards has never been simpler. Our intuitive design tools empower you to unleash your creativity without any technical hurdles. From selecting templates to customizing layouts, adding photos, and editing text, our platform offers an effortless experience from start to finish.

Join Our Contest and Showcase Your Creativity

Join Name Greeting Card’s 2019-2020 Outside Agency Contests today! Partake in the excitement, showcase your artistic talent, and stand a chance to win amazing prizes. Visit our website and let your imagination soar as you design unforgettable greeting cards for every occasion. Your creations have the power to touch hearts and create lasting memories.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Enter our contest now to unleash your creativity and win fantastic prizes. Create personalized greeting cards online and make moments truly unforgettable. Join the Name Greeting Card community today!

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So pumped! 🎉🤩
Nov 9, 2023
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This contest sounds so exciting! 🎉 Can't wait to showcase my creativity and win some amazing prizes! 🎁
Oct 10, 2023