Saw Mill River: How NY Wants to Clean Up Perpetually Filthy Waterway

Jun 12, 2020

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the efforts being made by the state of New York to tackle the pollution problems in the Saw Mill River. In this article, we will delve into the strategies being implemented, the challenges faced, and the potential solutions for cleaning up this perpetually filthy waterway.

Understanding the State of the Saw Mill River

The Saw Mill River, located in the state of New York, has been plagued with pollution for several years. The river faces challenges such as industrial waste, stormwater runoff, and the discharge of untreated sewage, all of which have contributed to its poor water quality.

In recent times, the state has recognized the urgent need for action and has undertaken various measures to address the deplorable condition of the river.

The NY Approach to Cleaning Up the Saw Mill River

New York has adopted a multi-pronged approach to clean up the Saw Mill River. The state government, in collaboration with environmental organizations and local communities, has launched several initiatives aimed at improving the water quality and restoring the river's ecosystem.

1. Industrial Waste Management

The state is actively working with industries along the river to implement strict regulations for waste management. Efforts are being made to encourage the adoption of sustainable practices, promote recycling, and reduce the release of harmful pollutants into the river.

2. Stormwater Management

Recognizing stormwater runoff as a significant contributor to pollution, New York has implemented innovative stormwater management systems. These systems help capture and treat runoff water, preventing pollutants from entering the river and other water bodies.

3. Sewage Treatment Upgrades

The state is investing in upgrading and modernizing sewage treatment plants located near the Saw Mill River. By ensuring proper treatment of sewage before it is discharged into the river, New York aims to reduce the impact of untreated wastewater on water quality.

4. Restoration of Riparian Zones

Riparian zones, which are the areas along the banks of the river, play a crucial role in maintaining water quality and supporting a healthy ecosystem. New York is undertaking projects to restore and enhance these zones, including planting vegetation to stabilize the banks and filtering pollutants.

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